KIDS HELP PHONE - 1-800-668-6868

Need to talk? Is something on your mind? Counsellors are there to help.

Canada's only toll-free, 24-hour, bilingual and anonymous phone counselling, web counselling and referral service for kids and teens. Every day, professional counsellors provide support to young people across the country, ages 20 and under.

Info Booth Topics include: bullying; dating; emotional health; family; friendships; LGBTQ; money, jobs and law; physical health; school; sexting; the internet; and violence & abuse.

The service is completely anonymous and confidential - they don't trace calls, they don't have call display. You don't even have to tell them your name if you don't want to. Find out more.



If you're looking for information you can trust about kids and teens that's free of "doctor speak," you've come to the right place. KidsHealth is the most-visited site on the Web for information about health, behavior, and development from before birth through the teen years.

On a typical weekday, KidsHealth gets as many as a million visits. One of the things that make KidsHealth special is that it's really four sites in one: with sections for parents, for kids, for teens, and for educators.

KidsHealth is more than just the facts about health. As part of The Nemours Foundation's Center for Children's Health Media, KidsHealth also provides families with perspective, advice, and comfort about a wide range of physical, emotional, and behavioral issues that affect children and teens.

KidsHealth cannot take the place of an in-person visit with a doctor, who can perform examinations and answer questions. But we can provide unbiased, reliable information to help you and your family pursue good health and wellness for a lifetime.



Are you looking for Math Help?? 

Free online tutoring is available in English and French from students' Google account or by phone.

Grades 4-6 - Information 

Grades 7-12 - Information 




IS YOUR CHILD A WORRIER? Worry and Anxiety are a normal human emotion that we all experience. However, the intensity and severity are what can classify it as a condition. Early intervention to learn coping strategies is important.

For more information, please look at the PDF version below of an uploaded 'Stress & Anxiety' PowerPoint, which also includes links to websites about relaxation for kids! Also, please feel free to contact Guidance if you feel your child is in need of additional support.



Are you a super student who has a lot of study strategies but could use a few more? Maybe you try to study but still aren’t prepared for tests? Or, perhaps you are someone who never studies because you don’t know how? If any of these sound like you, check out the PowerPoint PDF presentation on Studying Skills and Tests attached below!



Want to learn even more tips and tricks for taking tests? Learn the best way to do multiple choice questions, know what a question is really asking you, how certain words can help you with your answer, and much more by going to the Grade 5-8 page under the Guidance tab to view a PowerPoint that is all about Test Taking Strategies, so you can ace your next test!


Stress & Anxiety

Gr.5-8 Study Skills & Tests

Motivating Yourself to Study Gr5-6

Motivating Yourself to Study Gr7-8

Test Taking Strategies